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Tie-dye buffs

I continue to work through my salvage material for sewing projects. The latest one is repurposing a tie-dye t-shirt into buffs for winter cycling.

Mad Max Ride 2019

The first ever Calgary Mad Max Ride just happened, bringing the flavour of societal collapse to the bike scene.

First Underwear Sewing Project

For my first sewing project using a pattern, I’ve decided to go with a Jalie underwear pattern. My thinking was along these lines: If I screw up, it’s not a huge waste of time, thread, or fabric, I’d recently salvaged a bunch of material from some t-shirts, and If I don’t like the result, but want to test the construction quality with actual wear, no one has to see it.

Sewing Machine Hoodie

I don’t want to spend a lot of money while I learn the sewing basics, so I’m starting by salvaging old clothing that has holes, etc. It’s probably not the best way to learn, but thread is way cheaper than fabric, and it’s a fun way to repurpose stuff that’s not even fit for Goodwill anymore. First up is an old $10 hoodie I bought from Old Navy years ago. The blue jersey knit is super stretchy, but soft and fun to work with.

My First Scarf

It’s been a really long time since I did anything with a sewing machine - I did a little bit in home economics when I was in junior high, but otherwise haven’t touched one since then. Fortunately, I found out that Rick Rack Textiles (a new sewing place in Calgary) is doing ‘intro to sewing’ lessons. The teacher, Cindy, was really good at getting us sorted out with the machines, and starting off with pre-cut linen helped keep the focus on getting comfortable with the process of pressing, pinning, and running the fabric through the machine.