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Brewsters has gotten a facelift

After a short period of being closed, Brewster’s on 11th Ave SW has just recently finished renovations, and the dark cavernous atmosphere has been replaced with a brighter motif. The bar has been replaced, and natural light now flows in to much of the dining area. The menu is the same as it was before the renovations, although I’ll get to why that’s good and bad in a moment. The black leather chairs next to cozy fireplaces have been replaced by booths and open windows.

Big Room, Plentiful Wine - The Calgary Co-op Grape Escape

The Grape Escape has made yet another visit to the city of Calgary, where a $50 dollar ticket gets you access to two halls in the BMO Centre full of liquor distributors all trying to win mind share through free drink samples. “Free samples?,” you’re thinking. “Why would you pay $50 to get free samples?” It’s a matter of scale - over 100 tables, all with several kinds of alcohol to give away.

A Cold Can of Beer

Walking down the snowy sidewalks of 15th Avenue, I happened upon a cold can of beer. This was no mere discarding, but was in fact an unopened can. A gift from some some stranger, perhaps. I picked the can up, and inspected it for physical imperfections, but there were none; this was the perfect can of beer. Like an advertisement come to life, a picture-perfect can of beer had been plucked from the snow, ready for the drinking.

My Life as a Series of Drinks - The Obama

I remember the night Barack Obama won the election. It’s funny, because it was the first US election I refused to follow. I hadn’t gotten my ballot (either Town Hall failed to send or Canada Post failed to deliver). I danced the night away at the Soda as soon as I heard the news. I even created a drink, the recipe which I’m sharing with you here: The Obama Served in a shot glass