I Like Books, September 2012

After last months’ review-dump, I’ll be sticking to a monthly format, as it’ll be a little clearer what things I’m thinking and reading about. September has been an interesting month for reading, as well as other things (such as ‘getting married’). The month started out with finding the three A.J. Jacobs books for sale at the library, followed by getting a whole bunch of books from the library sooner than I thought.

I Like Books, June-August 2012

I’ve rediscovered my love of reading this year, and so I’ve taken a page out of Nick Hornby’s book (har har har) and am going over the books I’ve read over the past several months. My hope is that this will make up for the fact that all this reading has taken away most of the time I usually allocate towards blogging. Books read: Duran Duran, Mike West Bossypants, Tina Fey Trends, Tom Peters The Giver, Lois Lowry Comedy FAQs and Answers: How the Stand-up Biz Really Works, Dave Schwensen Teach Yourself Stand-Up Comedy, Logan Murray The Ultimate Improv Book: A Complete Guide to Comedy Improvisation, Edward J.

It's AHHHH Live! - Calgary artists collaborate at the Epcor Centre

2012 is the year that Calgary is the cultural capital of Canada. Coming up on March 15th is the first of a weekly event that hopes to have artists collaborating along with the public. I had a chance to quickly chat with the organizer of It’s AHHHH Live!, Vi An Diep, and find out a bit more about the event. “I broke the words down. ‘AHHHH’ is the recognition of the spark of something seeing something, curiosity.

2011 Record of the Year - Doug Hoyer "Walks with the Tender and Growing Night"

2011 has been a spotty year for music, with few real highlights and a lot of releases that I had much higher hopes for. The one disc that’s been getting steady play at LC headquarters since it came out in June has been Doug Hoyer’s breakout record Walks With The Tender and Growing Night. Hoyer, associated with the Old Ugly outfit out of Edmonton, has managed to evolve from standard guitar-and-drums rock into a fuller electronic sound that has turned his songs into otherworldly pop confection.

Ice Skating at Lake Louise, AB

For me, the most pure form of ice skating is that done on ponds and lakes - the ice has character, the crisp winter air stings the nostrils, and the surrounding nature a nerve tonic for the world-weary. On a brisk Christmas day, I went out to Lake Louise to enjoy a real ice skating experience. A light snow was falling on the lake when I arrived, and the parking lot was full of tourists (most of whom have totally lost their fear of motor vehicles).

Lessons Learned in 2011

2011 has been a strange year, but no doubt I’ve learned plenty this year. As with previous years, I’ve collected wisdom that I’ve found along┬áthe way: A new bed *is* worth it I had a lot of oddball injuries this year, but my body has felt a lot better since we bought a new bed. You don’t need a top-of-the-line model, just something better than your 8 year old IKEA futon.

Riding the zipline at Calgary Olympic Park

There’s a tall structure that most Calgarians are familiar with in the northwest corner of the city, and that’s the ski jump at Calgary Olympic Park. Used for the 1988 Winter Olympics, one would imagine that a ski jump doesn’t have a whole lot of use during the summer. As it turns out, there’s a zip line that starts at the top of the jump. That zipline happens to be the fastest in North America.

BA Johnston live in the Palomino Women's Bathroom

You could almost taste the desperation last night as Canada's trainwreck treasure BA Johnston played the Palomino.

Independent Record Stores in Calgary

If you happen to be in Calgary and need a vinyl record fix, don’t bother with HMV’s sad collection - go to these independent record stores instead! I’ve gathered all the information about the stores into this one handy page that you can print out in case you are planning a record-buying binge. Sloth Records Website: www.myspace.com/slothrecords Phone: 403-265-6585 Address: 736b 17th Avenue, SW Comments: Primarily stock new vinyl Has a listening station Staff is polite and knowledgeable Also sell turntables and DJ equipment

Memorizing a deck of cards using the Farmer's Mnemonic System

For fun I’ve been learning to memorize a deck of randomly shuffled playing cards. Sounds difficult? Nope! You can use mnemonics to make the memorization process easier, and with the table in this post you should be ready to go! While surfing around I found this well-written Grey Matters article about Bob Farmer’s Playing Card Mnemonic System, which is a bit of a variation of pegwords. This method has been much more effective than some of the other card memorization techniques I’ve found, and I’m sure I should be up to a full deck soon at the current rate (I can memorize up to 15 cards as of this writing).