Tie-dye buffs

I continue to work through my salvage material for sewing projects. The latest one is repurposing a tie-dye t-shirt into buffs for winter cycling.

Measuring an existing buff

The first step was measuring an existing buff. The finished product was 10"x17”, folded over and sewn into a loop wrong-side in.

Slicing off the shoulders

While the project was simple, both conceptually and physically, I made a bunch of mistakes caused by haste and lack of sleep. I was eager to get these done in time for the week’s CoffeeOutside, that I sewed the neck shut (whoops!).

Cut into pieces

I totally spaced on cutting with the grain, had a 10% bias, so had to cut additional cloth. This wasn’t a big deal, because I gave myself quite a bit of tolerance for failure. Then I spent a fair amount of time troubleshooting bad stitching that came down to re-inserting the bobbin. I went for a simple zigzag with orange thread, trying not to stretch the knit fabric too much. Finished, I saw I hadn’t gotten the pattern match quite right. Trying to make this before my first cup of coffee was not a wise idea, and good knowledge before I tackle any larger projects!

Finished buff