Trying Out a Float Tank at FloatLife

Being tall, I’ve found very few bath tubs that have been large enough for me (the best one up to this point was in Japan, interestingly enough). I also have a body composition that sinks in water like a lead weight. So when I got a pass to FloatLife for Christmas, I was definitely intrigued.

There’s a couple of locations in Calgary, so I visited the one in Kensington. The lobby is calm, and after a quick introduction to how the float tanks were set up I was lead to a private room with a shower and a big old tub with a cover.

Float tank

The water is filled with salt, so floating is effortless - a very unusual sensation for me that took a few minutes to get used to. There’s lights and calming music which you can turn on or off. It sort of felt like relaxing in a watery La-Z-Boy recliner, kept at nice temperature that isn’t too hot or cold.

Street entrance

Personally I found it as relaxing as a massage, but with none of the sore muscles afterwards, and much cheaper and easier to book. If you need a place to relax for a couple hours, I recommend it! FloatLife is located in Kensington and Marda Loop.