Bow Station Habitat

Just a short distance away from the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a little-known attraction that gives plenty of bang for your buck. The Bow Habitat Station, built in 1973, is a fish hatchery that for the past several years has been giving tours. There’s an aquarium in the basement stocked with Albertan fish, and a floor of exhibits that show how wildlife coexists here in the province that’s good for kids and adults.

The fishery tour runs through the process off egg collection and fertilization, and as the fish are then raised to an age where they can be released back into the wild. And in case you were wondering, at the end of the tour you can feed the fish.

The Station is located inside Pierce Estate Park, which has several birding observation platforms and walking paths. It’s not widely known as a birding spot (in comparison to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary), but it’s pretty good, and the park has a playground and tables for picnics.