Choking Hazard Inside! My First Kinder Surprise


Having grown up in the United States, I lived in a land of confectionary prohibition. Kinder Surprise eggs are not allowed in the United States due to small, easy-to-choke-on toys that are inside of the hollow chocolate eggs. Now that I’m over the border, I finally managed to get my hands on one. For the benefit of my American friends, an unwrapping of the treat that can kill small children.


As one can imagine, when a candy’s best feature is the toy inside, the chocolate isn’t going to be high quality, and Kinder Surprise is no exception there. Despite the concern of the regulatory agencies that keep Kinder Surprise out of the States, the toy capsule would be very difficult to swallow, even on purpose. However, the toy inside is basically made to fit a trachea, so I guess that’s something.


There was a Superman toy inside of my capsule. After making whooshing noises as he fly over the kitchen table, I took a look at the safety instructions, which come in many languages. For a $1.29 CDN, the Kinder Surprise manages to hold ones attention for a few minutes, and then like so many other confections, is forgotten. Perhaps the miniature Superman will remind me of the brief, satisfying experience.