A Fond Farewell to the Calgary Roughnecks

UPDATE: The Roughnecks have been saved by the organization that runs the Calgary Flames. Looking forward to the next season!


They say the swan sings its sweetest just before its death. The Calgary Roughnecks, the city’s National Lacrosse League team, is closing up shop after 10 years due to lack of funds. They’ve been unsuccessful getting a large advertiser or a partner, and so the team, with 2 championships in 7 years, is going out swinging. They’ll be playing what may be their last game on March 19th against the Edmonton Rush.


The last time I saw the Roughnecks, they were playing the Rush, winning 12-11 in one of the most incredible overtime performances I’ve seen in any sport. The stadium roared that night, the pounding of Derrick the mascot’s drum punctuating every offensive struggle.


As major-league entertainment goes, I have to say lacrosse does quite well at keeping the crowd rapt with attention. Rock and heavy metal blasts over the PA system, and it seems that penalties are given not for rough play, it seems, but for being a wimp.


If I have one regret, it is that I’ve not seen more games. If you do get a chance to go before the organization folds, I highly recommend it!