Another fine indoor garden - Western Canadian Place


While looking for an indoor lunch retreat, I stumbled upon the Western Canadian Place, a building that happens to have a great indoor garden and lunch area. Attached to the Centennial Parkade via the Plus 15, this building has an abundance of art, plant life, and sunlight.


The gardens are very well tended, and as you can see in the picture above the gardeners have added quite a bit of colour to the greenery. The plants have been well-distributed throughout both floors, which gives the place a very lively, refreshing feel.


There’s also statues and artwork from various artists, such as Pierre Karlik and George Pratt. Pratt’s “The Builders” dominates the main lobby with its gold figures and shiny black granite, making it very hard to miss.


There’s a cafeteria on the second level, but they appear to be okay with the brown-bag lunch crowd enjoying a seat. The benches are really nice (shiny trash cans!), and there’s really no bad view in any of the sitting areas.