The Beaches of Calgary - Glenmore Resevoir


When someone tells you that there are no beaches in Calgary, laugh. They are there, and we’re not talking tiny little spots of pebbles. As summer approaches, now is the time to acquaint yourself with the awesomeness that is the Glenmore Resevoir.


Having fond memories of playing at the beach as a child, moving to Calgary seemed like a bummer - I figured the only way of getting my beach fix was to hop a jet to the BC coast. I’d knew of several spots along the Bow River, but had more or less written them off as minor diversions.


My companion and I hiked to the Glenmore Resevoir on a whim, as neither of us had seen it up close. When we got there (after seeing several lovely parks along the way), we were stunned at the beauty of the Glenmore. The light was shimmering on the surface of the water, and there were several long strips of sand lining the edges.


Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in the Glenmore Resevoir (they don’t want people in the city’s water drinking water supply), but kayaking, canoeing and boating are allowed. As well, there are several fantastic spots to lay out in the sand and catch some rays.