Public Enemy Plays Calgary


I listened to Public Enemy a lot in high school, so when the opportunity came up to see them at the Whiskey, I was there in a flash.


They let Flavor Flav into Canada this time, but Terminator X wasn’t able to cross the border. Fortunately, they had Keith Shocklee of the Bomb Squad on hand to DJ.


Flavor appeared to have a keeper on stage who kept him from leaping off, which may have been for the best - the bouncers at the Whiskey had no sense of humour. I planted myself at the corner of the stage right behind the floor monitor, so I saw quite a bit of action.

Flavor was on the other side of the stage when his face contorted, perhaps sizing up the distance between where he stood and my skull. He ran towards me and did a jump kick, missing my head by a few inches. That Flav sure is a character :-P