A Spring Walk in Calgary Through Lindsay Park


Springtime is beaming in the parks of Calgary, and the gentle beauty of the Canadian West is once more radiating from the ground. Seeking fresh air and a retreat from the indoors, I wandered to Lindsay Park and had an excruciatingly pleasant afternoon.


Lindsay Park is just off of Rouleauville Square, next to the Talisman Centre. It has several pathways winding through it, and some bridges with really great views. There’s also a picnic area that has a nice woodsy feel.

The highlight of the park, though, is definitely the jungle gym. There is no better spot to have a deep conversation than hanging from the inside of the rope-climbing thingamajig.


The street address is 2225 Macleod Tr. S.E., but you’re better off checking Google Maps for this one (which seems to still be calling the Talisman Centre the Lindsay Park Aquatic Centre).