The King has died. Long Live The King!

Pop Music RIP

On this day the King of Pop Michael Jackson has ceased to be of this world.

My respect for him is great. I once tried making a database about pop music in the 80’s, and if there was one consistent heavy-hitter, it was MJ. He was like a prime number, fascinating and unique.

I’m glad that for the first time in 20 years people are finally dusting off their old copies of Thriller. However, I’m bothered that MJ was able to shelved as long as he was - written off as an eccentric. He had so much to offer, but instead it was more comical for people to make “Wacko Jacko” jokes - I don’t blame him for his later isolation.

Imagine if he hadn’t been put through the media scrutiny. Would he still be tearing it up into his later years as James Brown had?

As I came home tonight, a parked van at the skate park was blasting Michael Jackson tunes until quarter past eleven. Sitting on the deck, listening as his voice echoed throughout the downtown, it finally hit home that the King is dead. Long Live the King of Pop!