Play Music closes it's doors


Since TD Square became a scene out of the movie Brazil, shop owners have taken a hit. Recently, the Play store closed it’s doors (or perhaps more accurately, had the doors shut on them). While it wasn’t the cheapest music store in Calgary, it was clean and had a decent selection of music. They had been sliding into selling DVD’s and T-shirts, and towards the end were having some pretty crazy sales. Maybe they could have read my advice for running a record store? Bankruptcy notice underneath the fold.00120I think one of the most damaging things was the surroundings in TD Square. The steel scaffolding gave the feel of a place on the verge of collapse - whoever thought that commerce and construction could mix never bothered to have a designer check that the place looked semi-hospitable. I don’t know if other shops have gone out of business in the building, but given the visual bedlam I’m sure that Play isn’t alone.