One bucket list attempt thwarted (for now)


(EDIT - The Lido Cafe is now back up and good to go - the AHS notice was simply regarding the renovations)

There’s nothing more irritating than when you have your heart set on dining out at a particular Calgary restaurant and find that it is closed. On the Lido’s front door is a notice by Alberta Health Services that the restaurant is closed. While not technically in the downtown, the Lido Cafe in Sunnyside was considered by many a d-spot that had its charm with the greasy-spoon diner feel and varied menu items (think Chinese food with your baked potato). The restaurant was in the midst of re-painting the interiors, so it’s possible that this closure by the AHS is strictly short-term (paint fumes, etc.). The Lido’s web page is under construction, with no news of the closure. Links and the AHS notice under the fold.

00018The Lido Cafe Webpage

Google Maps - Lido Cafe