Grey Cup Festivities Light Up Stephens Avenue

Enmax Street Festival

The Grey Cup (Canada’s equivalent of the Super Bowl) is being held in Calgary this Sunday. If you are the witty, bookish and urbane type, you might not be paying much attention to it. However, there’s some fun happenings going on at Stephen’s Avenue and the Olympic Plaza, which you should definitely check out.

Terminal to light-paint buildings

Enmax has set up some neat little lighting displays to light up the buildings. Fortunately, goatse images are being kept to a minimum.

The buildings getting painted bylight

They’ve even got a make-your-own LED throwie table. With nothing but a magnet, watch battery, and LED light, you can have instant joy lighting up the city streets.

LED throwies!

The one thing I got from speaking from the attendees was that they wished there were street parties like this every weekend - City of Calgary, take note!

Pretty light displays