Your Guide to Calgary Online

Honest - yep, in Calgary, that’ssignworthy

Calgary is a great place to hang out, but you have to dig a little to unearth the gems. Fortunately, there’s a growing scene online dedicated to getting the cool spots the credit they deserve. I’ve made a list of sites that will help you take advantage of all the things this fine city has to offer.

Purple flowers has a group of contributors from all over the city, and has its thumb on the pulse of what’s happening. is the site for the group behind the d-spot campaign. is the Calgary Convention and Visitors Bureau website. It’s a bit stiff, but they’re trying real hard. pulls together community events, and is a good spot to see what’s going on in your area.

The City of Calgary web site does a decent job on giving pointers for civic events

Even the City of Calgary has a blog now, and has been good on keeping up with what the city government is up to.

1st Street Station at night

Have other good sites that aren’t listed here? Put them in the comments and let everyone know!