Calgary Greyhound Station - WTF?! It's... a video arcade!


UPDATE 2018: The Greyhound station is now closed

Calgary has a knack at making transportation hubs pleasant (the Calgary International Airport is a great example). Making my way through the local Greyhound station, I was amazed at how cool it was.dscn0332

Located at 850 16th Street SW, it has a clientele that could be described as friendly, though slightly creepy. The decor is straight out of the 70’s (prompting some ugly commentary), and it isn’t connected to a C-train line (though I believe a Calgary Transit bus makes the rounds).


What sets this station apart from the countless others I have been to is the amenities. There’s a diner that has, well... food. But best of all...


The Calgary Greyhound has the best video arcade I have seen in this city since moving here 2 years ago. They have all the classics like Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man, pinball machines, even freaking pachinko! This alone makes the Greyhound worth going to, even if you’re not taking one of their buses. Since all the major arcades in the city have gone out of business, the Greyhound station seems to be making an honest go at being number one. Here’s to hoping they hold the torch for a long time to come!