Reading the Sunday Edition of the New York Times


I’ve heard that newspapers are reaching the end of their lifespan. However, as I finished reading the Sunday Edition of the New York Times in full, I have mixed feelings about the state of newspapers. The consistency and quality of lots of daily locals has been going down over time with staff cuts, and many papers are now using the Associated Press and other wire services over local content. The New York Times still shines as a beacon of quality, thought, and other newspapers should study the Times to see the quality they’ve maintained.


Almost an inch thick, the Sunday Edition is dense with info. This was an easy bucket list item to do, only a couple of hours to read from front to back, a solid experience. There were quite a few advertisements, but they’ve done a great job with the layout and are unobtrusive for the most part.


Having worked at several student newspapers, I know what’s necessary just to make a 32-page paper in one week. The Times slugs out the equivalent of a non-fiction book every single week. Now that’s dedication.