Bucket List Challenge - Narrow VHS collection to 100 tapes


VHS is a fantastic format, insofar that a crap load of movies have been released on VHS. Even better, they are becoming increasingly cheap as even DVD’s are running out of favour, being replaced high-definition formats. However, the matter of space is an issue with VHS, and unfortunately my massive collection could no longer be discretely tucked away in my new apartment. Upon reducing my collection, I learned a few valuable lessons, which I’ll share with you now.

  • It is far easier to buy something than to get rid of it This is especially the case as the items in question become cheaper. Amassing a VHS collection of ~280 tapes is easy when the tapes are a buck a piece. However, there are associated costs that aren’t necessarily monetary: the mental cost of remembering what tapes you have, the physical cost of moving them around, and the social cost of being a clutter bug.
  • Your possessions don’t define who you are I like to believe I have really good taste in cinema. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, but I don’t need to own the tapes to form opinions. Trying to impress people with a VHS collection (or any other possessions) is really shaky ground. Instead, build your character -it’s far easier to lug around.
  • Don’t spend your life in front of a TV set Or a computer monitor. Or a cell phone. Go for a walk in the park, read a book, do something with your life. A well-lived life isn’t just about having food on the table and a decent job, it’s about using every day to experience life at its fullest. Corny? Yes. But then again, so is television.

Oh, since you probably want to know what my VHS collection looks like now, here’s a picture of it: